Training for something new- Marathon, Triathlon or Tough-Mudder?

Training, Triathlon, Tough Mudder, Marathon

This is the time of year when I see a number of people who have signed up for a challenge, started to train, and have picked up an injury.

The body likes routine, it gets good at supporting you in your normal activity levels, when challenged it has to make adjustments and this can take time, particularly when past its first flush of youth!

Some suggestions.

There are local groups and clubs like The Petersfield Triathlon Club. . They are very welcoming, and not all crazy Ironman competitors, and can give support and share valuable experience.

A decent pair of running shoes, which are appropriate for your feet are vital, if pounding streets, or off road. Knees are one of the most common causes of pain when increasing the miles of running. Visit a good running shop for advice before the injury, the right shoes for you are no more expensive than the wrong ones.

I would recommend Alexandra Sports in Portsmouth or Winchester.

If increasing the miles on a road bike, consider getting a proper cycle fit assessment, it can make you faster and more efficient, as well as avoiding injury.

Stretch a lot! When muscle is trained hard, it tends to get shorter and can be more prone to injury. Give enough of your precious time to stretch after training activities. Stretching also gives you an insight into the areas that are under stress. Don’t ignore your pain, it can be an early warning sign of problems ahead. If in doubt get some professional advice.

Above all else don’t forget to enjoy the whole experience of getting fitter.