Osteopathy and Yoga

By 18th July 2018Exercise, Well being, Yoga

As an osteopath, my father recognises the valuable benefits of yoga.  It helps with a positive mental attitude and well-being which is why he sent me on this yoga retreat to a Greek island; Ithaca just off Kefalonia, has amazing beaches to swim in with brilliant clear blue water and vibrant scenery to walk in and amazing yoga.  This had many benefits to my well being and was a perfect opportunity to de stress and relax after the stress of the past year of Study for my GSCE’s. When I was out there I felt at one with my inner body as I was eating healthily and felt that my well being was improving by the day. The food that I had when I was out there was based on a vegetable diet, which only enhanced how healthy and peaceful I felt. Yoga is very useful in these sorts of situations where the real world becomes too much as it takes you away from all the stress that you experience in your life as it can help you to feel happier in yourself. A recent study has shown that practicing regular yoga and meditation results in higher serotonin levels, which is the happiness hormone. It also helps to improve and increase energy, posture and muscle flexibility. 

The retreat was organised by Laura of Bristol City Yoga.

We stayed at itha108


Photos of Laura Gilmore of Bristol City Yoga


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