Osteopathy and Yoga

By 14th March 2021Exercise, Well being, Yoga

As an osteopath, my father recognises the valuable benefits of yoga.  It helps with a positive mental attitude and well-being, which is why he sent me on this yoga retreat to a Greek island; Ithaca just off Kefalonia. This place was absolutely wonderful, with amazing beaches and brilliant clear blue waters, vibrant scenery to walk in and amazing yoga. This had many benefits to my well-being and was a perfect opportunity to de-stress and relax after my last year of studying and preparing for my GSCE’s. I felt at one with my inner body, I was eating healthily and felt that my happiness and welfare was improving by the day. The food was amazing, based on a vegetable diet, which only enhanced how healthy and peaceful I felt. Yoga is a great way to become at one with yourself and nature, when the real world becomes too much yoga is an escape to somewhere where the mind is at rest. As with most exercise yoga and meditation results in the body producing happy hormones, whilst also improving and increasing energy, posture and muscle flexibility.

Written by Summer Black